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  • Solution Analysis Test Equipment
    ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma Emission Spectroscopy)

  • Thickness Measurement Equipment
    Optical Microscope (Destruction Test)

  • Surface Observation and Analysis Equipment
    Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

  • Corrosion Test Equipment
    Salt Spray Tester

  • Tensile Testing Equipment
    Universal Tensile Tester

  • Hardness Testing Equipment
    Micro-Vickers Hardness Tester (HV) / Rockwell Hardness Tester (HRC)

Equipment Capability Q'TY Manufacturer Remarks
Scanning Electron Microscope 300,000 times 1 J EOL
Strictire observation
Optical Microscope 1,000 times 1 O lympus
Stereo Microscope 126 times 1
Portable Microscope 400 times 1 SANKO
Vickers Microhardness Tester 100 times, 2,000 kgf 1 AKASHI
Hardness measuring
Electronic Endoscope 7.500 m 1 EVERS
Inspection of inside
Endoscope 6,000 mm 1 HENSOLDT
Film Thickness Gauge (Eddy Current) 0-500, 0-2,000 ㎛ 3 JAPAN, GERMANY, USA Thickness measuring
XRF Film Thickness Gauge X610 × Y670 × Z580 1 MICROPIONE
UV Spectroscope Scope of frequency : 190-1,100 mm 1 THERMO
Solution analysis
Automatic Titration Burette 50 ml 3 W ITEG
Solution analysis
Analyzing Instrument - Set KOREA Solution analysis
Centrifugal Separator 7.5 m 2 JUNGDO
Conc. Of sulfuric acid measure
Hull Cell Tester - 2 JUNGDO
Plating test
PH Meter(Stand) 0.00-14.00 1 METTLER
pH measure
PH Meter(Portable) 0.00-14.00 4 HANA
Furnace 1,000 ℃ 1 JUNGDO
Heat treatment
Furnace 600 ℃ 1 UKIN
Heat treatment
Dry Oven 300 ℃ 1 JUNGDO
Dry and embrittlement remove
Low Temp & Humidity Test Chamber -20℃, +80℃, Max 98% 1 JUNGDO
High humidity test
Furnace Temp. Gauge 12 Point 1 WONJEONYEOL
Measuring temp. uniformity
High precision Electronic Scale 0.1mg-200g 2 OHAUS
Weight measure
Salt Spray Tester 450ℓ 1 ERICHSEN
Corrosion resistance test
Salt Spray Tester 297ℓ 1 JUNGDO
Abrasion Tester Wheel Type 1 SHEEN
Abrasion test
Oscilloscope 1.0 GS/s 1 Taktronix
Current wave test
Rectifier 20A, 50A, 200A 3 JISANGJUNGJEONGGI
Plate test, specimen manufacture
Voltage Meter 20 V 1 KOREA Rectifier tester
Ampere Meter 20,000 A 1 KOREA
Load Tester 20,000 A 1 KOREA
Gauss Tester 0-1,500mT(0-15,000G) 1 KANETEC
Magnetic Test
Stress Gauge 1-40 kgf 1 JAPAN T/S NUT inspection
Stylus Type Roughness Gauge 0.3-12.5 1 Mitutoyo
Surface roughness inspection
Dial Height Gauge 0-600 1   Dimension measure
Mandrell Adhesion Tester 180˚ 1 KOREA Adhesion test
Hydrogen Embrittlement Tester Notch Type 12 KOREA Embrittlement test