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Comprehensive surface treatment company producing the highest quality products

CEO Greeting

The value of COTEC in 21C is to achieve the customer satisfaction on the basis of providing the best technology to the customer. The path to the top is tough and difficult, but the top is to be reached by someone.

The level of domestic surface treatment technology is insufficient to that of advanced county, which should be overcome. Further, it is required to develop a new and high value added surface treatment technology in conjunction with nano- and bio-technology, surpassing the semiconductor technology. Making the new technology to a global standard, COTEC will invest in developing the technology and in enhancing the level of the human resource to lead the global surface treatment technology.

The target of COTEC in 21C is to be a company of first thinking environments, leading in surface treatment technology and achieving employee-owners with best welfare program.

We will develop advanced surface treatment facilities and environmental friendly environmental facilities to be a green and automated factory. We will focus on the fundamental theory and the field technology in surface treatment to achieve best technology. And we will reinvest the profits to the employees to form the momentum of employees leading company. These are for the basis of the best customer satisfaction providing the best technology to the customer.

As far as the top of the world best is remained, the consistent effort and devotion of all the COTEC members will be continued.